I hold to the belief that each human being is born with an inherent purpose for his or her life; and that purpose holds a gift for the greater community as well. Sometimes one's purpose can be a testament to the enduring quality of the human spirit, and the rich resources of the human psyche (soul).

All psychotherapy is by nature "soul" work - working with the deep parts of the human personality to wrestle forth the fuller meaning of what it means to be human. Some would say it means to become “a real person.”

Sometimes it's the crises of our life, whether specific or subtle, that lead us to the depths of our humanity, and fuller flowering of the human spirit. The process of psychotherapy is an intentional psychological journey. It's for many the closest approximation in our culture to the ancient spiritual "quest" embodied within the world’s great religions and indigenous cultures. It's the nature of the human condition that we often arise to our best and highest self through struggle and crisis. The best of psychotherapy is not just to fix, but to grow and mature.

In my many years of clinical practice I've had the privilege to see clients become richer human beings - the kind of men and women, and young people as well, who make this world a richer place in which to live together.

It is a privilege to be able to offer this service to people. Whether briefly to resolve a particular crisis or for a longer term to deal with the depth of the psyche (the soul) for greater maturity and the joy of discovering one’s true life purpose, I would be happy to help you.

Bill McDonald