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It wasn’t that many years ago, maybe four or five, that a particular thought showed up, and has since stayed close to me. Maybe it was an original thought, or perhaps somebody shared it with me. But this was it:

Every Story Must have a Betrayal

It seems that every story in all of the world’s literature is based on a betrayal of some sort. Every classic novel. Every grand opera. Every movie, TV show, every Harlequin romance, every comic book - there’s a central betrayal. Without it, there would be no interest in reading or viewing it. The Bible is organized around two of them - one at the beginning, and one in the middle.  Both in gardens. Without either betrayal, the one in The Garden of Eden and the kiss of Judas in Gesthemane, there would be very little reason to even read it. The Old Testament has lots of other betrayals as well, as does the New Testament.

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