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“Honor Everything - Despise Nothing”

[Summary:  This is not just a naïve optimism, nor an argument for passivity - but a pattern of rigorous engagement in and for the sake of the world that holds fast the hope of all that is best in the human race.]

I don’t recall when I first heard these words - and it might have been only once. But, they’ve stayed with me for many years and re-emerge with a frequency that denotes a deep resonance of truth. Yet at times the hidden wisdom of those words will compel me in ways that, at first, seem the opposite of their surface meaning.

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My monthly newsletter, “Paying Attention,” was launched in April, 2007.  Each one contains thoughts and ideas that occur in the general areas of psychology, culture, or other matters that come from the interface between my work and the rest of the world. They may also contain news and information about myself, and new areas of my work, study and research.


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