Grief Therapy

Grief is a natural process - and one of the inevitable experiences of life.  However, that doesn’t mean we have to suffer it alone, nor when it seems overwhelming to deny ourselves some needed or well-deserved help.  And there are times when one new grief seems to bring back an earlier one - which is often called unresolved or compounded grief.

The work of a therapist here is often to help, advise and direct your grief so that it fulfills its inherent purpose of he aling.  Grief is itself not an "illness" - even though it can involve a great deal of emotional and physical pain.  Grief, in time, is meant to bring about healing, and a good therapist understands, encourages and facilitates that.

The solution to grief is often to go down inside ourselves - down to where it hurts, down to the places we usually try to avoid, down and within to where also are the secret wells and resources of a rich life.  It’s said that

In life there is death, and in death there is life. 
Deep inside us they often intertwine
To bring us - life lived to the fullest.
In the Bible, it’s called “Eternal Life.”
And in every age and culture
It can be one of our greatest struggles
And blessings.

I have many ways to help a grieving person, depending on the nature of the grief, and the needs and personality of the individual.

If you are interested in discussing the process, or simply want to begin talking about it, please get in touch with me, so we can begin.

Bill McDonald
810 629-0760