Children / Adolescents

Counseling Children and Adolescents is a distinct therapeutic art in itself.

Up until a few years ago, my professional partner was Jane Kimball. We have known each other now for over I have known Jane Kimball for over 40 years.  We have children about the same age, and I have long enjoyed being a member of her extended family.

Our professional relationship began in those early years when I started asking her advice about young clients of mine.  It developed to the point where she would ask “would you like me to see (the client)?”  I became more aware of her extraordinary skills in relating therapeutically to kids; and most of my own skills in working with youth I have learned from Mrs. Kimball. She’s a natural.

She returned to school, graduating from the University of Michigan - Flint with two degrees in social work, and a straight-A academic record.  In 1997 we formed our professional partnership – McDonald and Kimball PLC Counseling Services.  

Unfortunately we had to dissolve the partnership in 2013, due to increasing health constraints on her part.

However, I will still accept young people as clients, as my time allows - and she is always there in the background, advising and teaching me how to do it well.

Also JoAnne Ingram, MSW ACSW, my office-mate since May 2013, has an extensive background which includes in working with children and adolescents. So I generally will defer to her with this population.

Bill McDonald