Become a Client


How to Become a Client


The short answer is to contact me directly, Bill McDonald.  You may use the Contact Us form, or phone me at 810-730-9454 (mobile).  (Leavee a phone message if I can't answer immediately.) 


If you have time to read further, here's a longer answer:

Step One

Contact me, Bill McDonald - as above.

I'll gather some brief information concerning
     1) What kind of therapy you want or need.
     2) My policies on fees and insurance.
     3) What dates and times are available for an initial appointment.
     4) Make sure you know the location of our office.

Once we've set an appointment date and time, please be diligent to keep the appointment - or let me know otherwise as soon as possible.

It has become my policy to make reminder phone calls the previous evening.  But still my "late cancel" fee of $15 is for cancellations within less than 24 hours.  

Step Two

What to bring to your first appointment:

Simply showing up is the primary task here.

There's a certain courage involved in first walking into this office.  In most cases you have never met me, except on these website pages - and there may be some anxiety about what this will be like. Will I decide you are too crazy for any help? Maybe I won't even understand you or your problems.  Am I knowledgeable and strong enough to help you?

Also bring payment - a check, cash, or a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover).

Oh yes, you can also print out the New Client Information Form from this website (under Forms) and fill it out ahead of time (there's also one for minors).  Also, consider the 4-page Personal Information Form.  If you can’t download, don’t worry. I'll have a copy for you.

Step Three

Just get here.  (If you get lost trying to find our place, just phone and I’ll guide you in.)  And you may be surprisingly comfortable – though it’s not always easy to begin.  Perhaps you're in for some interesting and challenging life changes.

If you spend time in my waiting room, you’ll find it quite comfortable.  Also all of the magazines are up to date!  If someone comes with you, the waiting room is a quiet place for them to spend time - sometimes even to take a nap.  There’s no TV (on purpose).

This office is comfortable and quiet. It’s my job to provide a place of comfort and safety - a place apart from the “outside” world.