Whether your search for a therapist stems from

  •   a specific crisis,

  •   a chronic long-term problem,

  •   a deep desire to live life more fully,

  •   or all three  -  take a look here.

Here is the kind of therapy you want, when therapy is what you need.  I love my work, and have been doing it well 41 years now.  My skills best represent the human side of the therapist’s art - caring, flexible and open, yet competent and professional.

Take a look inside this website.  There’s a lot of information here to help you get to know me better and for your own use to enrich your life.

It represents help for you to accomplish that creative combination of

   (a)  what your heart desires, and

   (b)  what is right for you.

Bill McDonald


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Types of Counseling

You may be going through a specific crisis or difficult life transition. Maybe you're suffering from a chronic long-term dysfunction and want to finally make some healthy and/or necessary changes in your life.
Couples / Marriage
Only within the last half century has couples or marital therapy become a distinct discipline of its own. (Notwithstanding, some of the secrets of good marital counseling have been around for hundreds or thousands of years.
Children / Adolescents
Counseling Children and Adolescents is a distinct therapeutic art in itself.
I have known Jane Kimball for over 30 years. We have children about the same age, and I have long enjoyed being a member of her extended family.
Specific areas of expertise:

Bill McDonald's Newsletter

Ashes, Roses & More Dead Children

- A Meditation on February 14, 2018 -

When I arrived in Florida, on February 13, one of the first things my host and I planned was to attend the following day Ash Wednesday noon service at her local Episcopal Church. For each of us, being of long comfort within Anglican spirituality, it was both timely and a spiritually natural thing to do. Somewhere I heard in the background a morning news note that “some Bishops” were advising their faithful to refrain from eating chocolate and sharing roses - as if the rituals of St. Valentine would or could contaminate the rituals of the most holy first day of Lent. Fr. Hunter was not of light thumb when he imposed those ashes of “Remember O man that thou art dust...” on my forehead - and not a soul in that congregation uttered a “Happy Valentines Day” afterward.

Farther into the day we had other plans, more of a Valentines Day nature. Though a major consideration was just how much to allow that “most holy (and obvious) smudge” to remain visible to our world at large.

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